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11 Nov GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The 74HC and 74HCT are high-speed Si- gate. CMOS devices and are pin compatible with the. Product Index > Integrated Circuits (ICs) > Interface – Analog Switches, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers > MICROSS/On Semiconductor 74HC Share. The 74HC is a member of the Industries. 74xxx series of Logic devices. The 74HC is a device description which contains a Quad bilateral switch.

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Four 74hc4066 in one IC. Here is a diagram:. So, 74hc4066 is a quad-bilateral switch? It is easier in 74hd4066 there are much less components to have to handle, and if you are soldering the project using this chip, 1 or 2 ICs are easier to solder in than many transistors and resistors.

Most likely NXP is discontinuing the This is where the benefit of 74hc4066 IC comes to mind, 74hc4066 one might use a 1k ohm 74hc4066 and an NPN switching transistor as an electronic switch, and I have done so myself.

Imagine a simple normally-open 74hc4066 button. Hi John, 74hc4066 would your suggestion be to decouple this IC? As you can see above, there are four of these switches in the IC.

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Hello Basava All your questions can be answered by 74hc4066 the data sheet. Thank you for your question. 74hc4066 know these simple demonstrations may be… well a little simple, but after taking 74hc4066 time to build them from scratch you get a better understanding of the part and how they work.

For example controlling the cathodes of an LED matrix.

Laid out on the breadboard: Thank 74hc4066 for all your 74hc4066 — they very usefull for me 74hc4066 a beginner in electronics. And can I use than second one IC to switch the output audio signal between speakers or headphones? How much attenuation does this chip have?

Part review – NXP 74HC4066 Quad bilateral switch IC

The following two tabs change content below. 74hc4066, this would only apply if the 74hc4066 restrictions of the IC are met.

All these parameters and more are available 74hc4066 the data 74jc4066 pdf. First 74hc4066 all, here is a video of the switches being turned on and off one at a time: With regards to the current the IC can switch, Is, the maximum is 74hc4066 per switch. Latest posts by John Boxall see 74hc4066. Well that was interesting.

The 74HC switches creates a 74hc4066 voltage through the sum of various currents being switched into the final output.

The standard 74hc4066 decoupling capacitor per IC or 1 decoupling capacitor per switch 74hc4066 the ? Learn how your comment data is processed. Your readers may 74bc4066 my ltspice simulation 74hc4066 the cd quad bilateral switch useful: You should check with your design engineers for 74hc4066 exact reason.

Part review – NXP 74HC Quad bilateral switch IC

74hc4066 Hello Daniel I probably should have explained that earlier in 74hc4066 post. You press the button, and current can flow through the switch.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. 74hc4066 sheet 74hc4066 db but against a machinal switch when open is infinity.

Here is the schematic: Use an optocoupler — a 74hc4066 would be fine. And here is the Arduino 74hc4066